Menu and Pricing

** Please note that as of September 2020 I have transitioned into making pies only.

Please message me to place an order at or on Facebook. Feel free to ask about custom orders or other requests.

I use organic dairy products and free range, pasture raised eggs. I always use fresh seasonal produce when available.

Items must be picked up in Lynnwood.  I do not deliver.


My pies are made fresh for the day of pick up. And since homemade pie crust is my jam, you can always expect a flaky, delicious, homemade crust.  Most double crust pies can be made with a crumb topping if desired.  Add a cinnamon roll top or bottom crust to any pie for $5.


Personalized Pies: $28
{I can add a message, sentiment, or movie quote to any double crusted pie below.}


Strawberry Rhubarb: $25
{Tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries in a flaky homemade lattice crust.}


Patriotic Pie: $25
{Taking pre-orders for July 4th.  Tart montmorency cherries for the red and sweet fresh blueberries for the blue.  Baked in my flaky homemade pie crust.  *I can do this pie in any flavor if you don’t care about color.}

Classic Libby's Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie: $20
{Homemade flaky pie crust, with a decorative leaf border, with smooth, creamy, sweet, and perfectly spiced pumpkin filling.   Jazz this pie up further with a cinnamon roll crust for $5 additional.}

Simply the Best Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie: $25
{One of my most popular pies. Buttery graham cracker crust with a tart but sweet perfect key lime filling, topped with whipped cream and key lime zest. *note: baked in a round dish, not in a tart pan as pictured*}

Mixed Berry Pie

Mixed Berry Pie: $25
{A mix of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries in a homemade flaky pie crust. Also available in a crumble topping.}

lemon pie 1

Lemon Pie: $25
{a sweet yet tart lemon pie, baked in the most perfect, buttery, slightly salted graham cracker crust and topped with whipped cream.}


Lemon Pie with Fresh Fruit: $25
{a sweet yet tart lemon pie, baked in the most perfect, buttery, slightly salted graham cracker crust and topped with fresh strawberries, lemons, and mint.}

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie by Rumbly in my Tumbly

Peanut Butter Pie: $25
{Oreo cookie crust, filled with smooth peanut butter filling and topped with rich chocolate ganache and peanut butter cups. A chocolate peanut butter lovers dream.}

Apple Crumb Pie: $25
{One of my most popular pies. Flaky pie crust, filled with tart granny smith apples, cinnamon, sugar, and topped with the most delicious crumble ever.}


Strawberry Cream Pie: $27
{The most buttery and delicious graham cracker crust, filled with a stabilized whipped cream and cream cheese filling, a touch of lemon, and topped with delicious, sweet, homemade strawberry jam. *can also be made with homemade raspberry, blueberry, or blackberry jam if preferred.}

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie: $30
{my classic homemade apple pie, with a twist- a Cinnamon roll top crust.  My homemade flaky pie crust is swirled with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  It’s amazing.}


Coconut Cream Pie: $25
{My homemade flaky pie crust filled with creamy, homemade vanilla pudding and toasted coconut, topped with sweetened coconut flakes — the customer who ordered this pie asked for blueberries on top. Usually, it’s just coconut.}

Raspberry Cream Pie

Raspberry Cream: $27
{flaky, homemade crust, stabilized whipped cream with a touch of cream cheese, topped with raspberry coulis}


Pecan: $27
{A classic with toasted pecans, brown sugar, vanilla, butter and a touch of cinnamon.}


Berry Crumb Pie: $25
{Flaky pie crust, filled with a mixture of blackberries and raspberries, a touch of cinnamon, sugar, and topped with the most delicious crumble ever.}

Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie: $25
{Flaky pie crust filled with sweet lemon curd and topped with light and fluffy toasted meringue.}

apple berry pie

Apple Berry Pie: $25
{Apple pie mixed with raspberries or blackberries, cinnamon, and sugar in a delicious, flaky homemade crust.}


Good Ol’ Fashioned Homemade Apple: $25
{flaky homemade pie crust, filled with granny smith apples and loads of cinnamon. Also available with a crumble topping.}


Blueberry Pie: $25
{Sweet blueberries in a regular or lattice homemade flaky pie crust. Also available with a crumble topping.}

Shortbread Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart: $25
{thick and buttery shortbread crust filled with perfect homemade lemon curd and dusted with powdered sugar.}


Chocolate Cream Pie: $27
{homemade chocolate custard with fresh eggs and whole milk, fresh homemade whipped cream, and chocolate chocolate shavings. Available in classic flaky pie crust or oreo cookie crust}


Banana Cream Pie: $27
{fresh sliced bananas, homemade vanilla pudding made with fresh eggs and whole milk, and fresh homemade whipped cream in a graham cracker crust. Also available in flaky, classic crust.}


Blackberry Pie: $25
{flaky homemade lattice crust filled with sweet blackberries.  Heaven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.}


Cherry Pie: $25
{Tart montmorency cherries in a homemade flaky pie crust.  Also available with a crumble topping.}