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Old School Peanut Butter Bars

These peanut butter bars are astoundingly addictive. There isn’t much else to say about them.  Words cannot do them justice.  They aren’t like the Reeses type Peanut Butter Bars.  Oh no.  These bars have a moist, chewy cookie crust, and are then smothered with peanut butter and chocolate frosting. Keep calm and try not to eat the… Continue reading Old School Peanut Butter Bars

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Penne Rosa with Chicken, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Last night while scarfing down this delicious (and healthy) dinner, my husband proclaimed it one of the best things I had ever made. We have been making an effort to eat very healthy lately, so I cut way back on the cream usually used in penne rosa (actually used half and half) in this recipe but it… Continue reading Penne Rosa with Chicken, Spinach, and Mushrooms

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Cinnamon Butter Filled Snickerdoodles

Cinnamon butter filled snickerdoodles What do you get when you breed a snickerdoodle cookie with a muffin and fill it with a glorious cinnamon-brown sugar-butter filling? Well, you get perfection. Sure, this isn’t much to look at.  “What is it?” you might be asking (as was I, as I tried to come up with a… Continue reading Cinnamon Butter Filled Snickerdoodles


Blueberry Breakfast Braid

Blueberry Breakfast Braid I am obsessed with fruit filled pastry.  I blame pie alone for 90% of the pregnancy weight I put on with each of my kids.  Pastry braids are super easy and beautiful, and are made with store bought puff pastry sheets.  They take only a few minutes to assemble and are impressive looking… Continue reading Blueberry Breakfast Braid


Strawberry Lemon Drops

Strawberry Lemon Drop I love, love, love lemon drops.  Recently, I was introduced to something even better– the strawberry lemon drop. Basically the normal ingredients for a lemon drop are shaken up with fresh strawberries and the result is absolutely glorious. I urge you to give it a try.  I made mine with citrus flavored Vodka,… Continue reading Strawberry Lemon Drops

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Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Double chocolate banana bread I’ve been experimenting with two classics lately.  Banana bread and sticky buns.  If you love chocolate, this is the bread for you.  This moist fudgy bread is infused with very ripe bananas that compliment the chocolate perfectly. Delish. Oh, and I forgot to mention– Prep time on this is 5 easy… Continue reading Double Chocolate Banana Bread

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A Healthier Version of Melt in your mouth Chicken Breast

A healthier version of Melt in your mouth Chicken Breast This chicken has been floating around all over Pinterest for weeks now. According to everyone, it really DOES melt in your mouth and is quite delicious.  Unfortunately, the chicken breasts are dunked in mayonaise, which just can’t be good for your thighs, and frankly, just… Continue reading A Healthier Version of Melt in your mouth Chicken Breast