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Bananas Foster Bread

We’ve all had bananas foster, right? If not, this is for you: Wikipedia (haha) defines Bananas Foster as: a dessert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream, with the sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. The butter, sugar and bananas are cooked, and then the alcohol is added and ignited. The bananas and sauce are then served over the ice cream.… Continue reading Bananas Foster Bread

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Glazed Cranberry Orange Bread

Hi Everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last new post, I have been busy with life lately! One thing I really find around the holidays is that I tend to blog a bit less- partly because I am so busy, but also because I tend to make a lot of family favorites (repeats… Continue reading Glazed Cranberry Orange Bread

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"Melting Pot" Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

One of my favorite indulgences is dinner at The Melting Pot.  The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, and while I am not wild about the meat course of the meal, the cheese and chocolate courses are to die for. My favorite chocolate selection is “The Original” which is is a milk chocolate fondue, swirled… Continue reading "Melting Pot" Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

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Blueberry Brunch Biscuits

Blueberry Brunch Biscuits Well, brunch season is upon us. Well, it is brunch season for me, anyway, as I prepare for my customary Mother’s Day and Father’s Day brunches. This is something new I tried, and I am very pleased with how these turned out. Such light, fluffy, slightly sweet blueberry biscuits, topped with a… Continue reading Blueberry Brunch Biscuits

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Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu

Skinny chicken cordon bleu I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Rolled chicken looks fancy, it sounds fancy, but it’s NOT fancy!  It is SO EASY to make rolled chicken.  Bonus points for the fact that it’s healthy AND the rolling keeps all the juices inside and it’s always so, so moist.… Continue reading Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu