Supporting adoption through amazing handmade jewelry by ChestineDesign

Hi friends- I have a very rare non-food related post to share with you, because I think it’s just so cool.  First, I want to tell you about my friend, Chelsea.  I first met Chelsea just a few years ago at my sister’s bachelorette party.  My sister made us go “glamping” (which is just a… Continue reading Supporting adoption through amazing handmade jewelry by ChestineDesign

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Thanks for working your BUNS off {Teacher Gift} —

Normally, I take the lazy route with Teacher Appreciation gifts and buy them all a Starbucks card. I figure most people like coffee or tea, and I know if I was a teacher, I’d love to get a gift card to Starbucks or Target or Amazon or somewhere like that. However, for end of year […]… Continue reading Thanks for working your BUNS off {Teacher Gift} —


Event: Depressed Cake Shop

This year, I was asked to participate in a wonderful event called Depressed Cake Shop.   If you haven’t heard of it before, it is basically a pop-up bakery that shows up in lots of cities, with delicious baked goods, gray on the outside and colored on the inside, all to encourage conversation and raise money… Continue reading Event: Depressed Cake Shop


5 Year Blogiversary – A giveaway for my readers!

Hard to believe it, but Rumbly in my Tumbly has made it FIVE entire years.  FIVE.  Feels like it was just last week that (at the advice of friends) I decided “Okay, I’ll give this cooking blog thing a try.” And now, here we are.  Thanks to YOU, my wonderful readers and blog followers, this… Continue reading 5 Year Blogiversary – A giveaway for my readers!


Daphne and Charlie’s Puppy Party!

This is not my typical recipe post, but I wanted to share the puppy party I did for my kids on their joint 3rd and 5th birthday party. 🙂 Pin the tail on the puppy! – I found the picture of the dog here, and I just free-hand drew it onto a large piece of… Continue reading Daphne and Charlie’s Puppy Party!

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Good ‘ol Fashioned Apple Brownies

Can we really call these brownies? I suppose they could be called blondies instead.  There was a lot of quibbling over the title in the reviews I read for this recipe.  Semantics, really.  These perfect apple cinnamon-y bars are definitely delicious, and you know that’s all I care about. Honestly, it’s a dangerous recipe for… Continue reading Good ‘ol Fashioned Apple Brownies

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Starbucks Pumpkin Pound Cake

You know the old cartoons where somebody like Daffy Duck would be thinking about his next move, and he’d have a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other shoulder, each telling him what to do? I have those too, but not a devil and an angel.  My life is a… Continue reading Starbucks Pumpkin Pound Cake