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Easy Cinnamon Twist Knots

It is safe to say that Cinnamon is my biggest addiction.  Any time I see ANYTHING even remotely cinnamon related, I have to make it.  I was browsing Pinterest under the term “Cinnamon,” and I found these Cinnamon Twist Knots.  They looked AMAZING. I was in the mood for something like this today, but I… Continue reading Easy Cinnamon Twist Knots

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Buttery Birthday Cake Cookies

Here’s a shock for all of you.  My husband is married to me (obviously).  I love to bake.  I can make him almost anything he wants for his birthday dessert.  But do you know what he wants every. single year? He wants boxed funfetti cake mix cake with rainbow chip frosting, baked in a 9×13… Continue reading Buttery Birthday Cake Cookies

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Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake

Boy, do I have a recipe for you.  If you are a lover of cinnamon, like I am, and if you thoroughly enjoyed my recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake, I can all but guarantee that you are going to love this cinnamon roll pound cake. As all proper pound cakes are, this cake is rich… Continue reading Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake

Biscuits / Muffins / Scones · Breakfast · Fall (Halloween & Thanksgiving)

Cranberry Orange Glazed Scones

It’s time for tea at my house! I just decorated the whole inside for fall, and I’m having a fall tea party with my mom, sister, aunts, and cousins.  I am making lots of goodies, including these absolutely delicious scones.  They are full of cranberry and orange flavor, and then iced with an orange juice… Continue reading Cranberry Orange Glazed Scones

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P.F. Chang’s Knock Off Mongolian Beef

When my husband took a bite of this dinner, he proclaimed it one of the best things I’d ever made.  My year and a half year old son, who seems to just be a natural born vegetarian (if I hadn’t given birth to him myself, I wouldn’t believe he was ours) never eats meat, ate… Continue reading P.F. Chang’s Knock Off Mongolian Beef

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Apple Fritter… Bread!?

Every so often, my husband will post a picture of some food that one of his friends shared on Facebook with the caption “Please make.” Although I would say he is about 50/50 for recipes that look truly delicious vs. recipes that look like cardiac arrest on a plate, when he posted this one on… Continue reading Apple Fritter… Bread!?