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Frosted Molasses Cookie Bars

Frosted Molasses Cookie Bars Frosted Molasses Cookie Bars.  Hands down, my favorite of all cookie bars. Picture a molasses cookie.  But much fudgier and more moist. Topped with a delicious glaze, and then cut into bars. This is a great dessert to bring to a party, a potluck, or to include in your Christmas baking. … Continue reading Frosted Molasses Cookie Bars

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Red Velvet Cupcakes with "Whipped Cream" Frosting

This is far and away my favorite homemade cake recipe.  Rich, chocolaty red-velvet cake just can’t be beat.  A lot of people (including me, a few years ago) are intimidated by the thought of making a from-scratch Red Velvet cake, but as long as you follow the very simple instructions to a T, it is… Continue reading Red Velvet Cupcakes with "Whipped Cream" Frosting

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Fudge Filled Shortbread Hearts

Fudge Filled Shortbread Hearts for Valentine’s Day Ahhh, shortbread.  A delicious, flaky, buttery cookie that I love to hate.  First off, it simply can’t be good for you.  After all, this recipe calls for almost a POUND of butter.  Second, it’s such a pain in the butt to work with.  *Not* the kind of cookie… Continue reading Fudge Filled Shortbread Hearts

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Sugar Cookie Necklaces

Sugar Cookie Necklaces I’m always looking for two things: Fun things to bake with my 2 year old daughter, Daphne, and fun crafts to do with her. This awesome idea for sugar cookie necklaces combined the two perfectly. I made Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies today, and used the scraps of the sugar cookie dough to… Continue reading Sugar Cookie Necklaces

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Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies

Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies People are passionate about the way they like their sugar cookies. Take my husband.  He likes thick, soft cookies, and the frosting has to be pink. That’s right.  Pink.  He claims that the frosting tastes better if it’s pink. I’m not sure if he understands about food coloring. 😉 I found this… Continue reading Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies