Can I advertise on your site?
I am currently not selling ad space on rumblytumbly.com.  I advertise through wordpress WordAds.

What made you start this blog?
I love to bake and cook and would often post pictures of my food on Facebook.  After having it suggested to me multiple times, I finally started this blog in 2010, after my first daughter was born, just as a way to share my recipes with people who asked for them.   I love to cook and bake, and it has been a great excuse for me to find the time for something I love.  It is also a joy to teach my children and bake with them in the kitchen.  Their little hands help me with almost everything you see on this site.  Rumbly in my Tumbly now has over a million post views a year, which flatters me and blows my mind simultaneously.

What camera and lens do you use?
Believe it or not, I ditched my fancy Canon camera a year and a half ago, and now I exclusively use the very nice camera on my iPhone 7plus.  This is shocking to many.  Haha.  I edit my photos in Adobe Photoshop when editing is required.

Can you give me some tips on photographing food?
I am not a photographer by any means and am still learning.  I would consult other sources for tips over myself, but my big tip for you would be lighting, lighting, lighting.  It’s all about natural light.  This can be tough in Seattle, as we have a lot of gray and rainy days, which often shows up in my pictures.  If you go back to my oldest posts, you’ll find many cringe-worthy pictures before I figured that out.

I take most of my pictures on my dining room floor, next to a large sliding glass door in the early afternoon, but it is not uncommon for my neighbors to see me crouched down on my front porch outside in the rain, trying in vain to get a shot of a cake with good natural light.  I use Ella Bella photography backdrop paper for a nice, simple, light background.  Keep it simple with very few props.

How do you keep from eating all the food?
Or, in the more commonly asked, less tactful way “How do you not weigh a million pounds?”  I will not pretend to be one of those people who loves to work out or who doesn’t struggle with weight like everybody else.  I gained 65lbs when I was pregnant with my first daughter and it was total hell getting it off.  I’m careful now.  I will have a bite of something, but just a bite.  Then I get it out of my house by giving it to family, friends, neighbors, or sending it to work with my husband.  Everything in moderation is my motto.

Can I use your photo or recipe on my site?
I am often contacted and asked for permission to use my photo or recipe on another site.  It is fine with me if you use my recipe photo OR my recipe but please do not use both (one or the other is fine), and please link back to this site.

Do you have a recipe for….?
I am frequently emailed and asked if I have a recipe for something.  There is a search bar on my homepage,  but if you can’t find it there, feel free to email me.  I am often inspired to try new recipes based on these requests.

Will you do a sponsored post?
I am open to doing sponsored posts, but only for products I love.  Please email me for more information.