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Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

If you are a pumpkin lover, quick! Avert your eyes.  Don’t look at this recipe because once you do, you’ll want to make it, and once you make it, you won’t be able to stop eating it. Sweet, pumpkin cake, drizzled and swirled with sweet, buttery cinnamon and sugar, and topped with a creamy glaze.… Continue reading Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

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Skinny Creamy Garlic Pasta with Spinach & Chicken

My husband is out of town (AGAIN!) and the poor guy missed out on another delicious dinner.  Oh well, he’s at his parent’s vacation cabin, catching fresh crab and making homemade clam chowder with the razor clams he caught down at Ocean Shores, so I doubt he cares. 🙂  I had some leftover spaghetti noodles in the… Continue reading Skinny Creamy Garlic Pasta with Spinach & Chicken

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A Healthy(ish) Breakfast Strata

So, I’m dieting.  Shocker, I know, if you have seen some of my recent posts, but the truth is, I rarely eat the things I bake, and I still have 20lbs to lose to get down to my pre-baby weight.  I cooked a Father’s Day brunch for my husband and my in-laws on Sunday, and… Continue reading A Healthy(ish) Breakfast Strata


Blended Margarita Mojito

As I have said before, my husband and I like to enjoy a cocktail together every evening after he gets home from work.  Our throw-back to the 1950’s nightly tradition has me constantly trying all kinds of new drinks.  This creation was absolutely delicious.  Part margarita, part mojito with fresh mint from our garden, part… Continue reading Blended Margarita Mojito

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars: Decadence Done Right

These peanut butter chocolate bars from The Girl Who At Everything are the very definition of decadence.  Probably a million calories a square, as soon as I saw the ingredients list, I knew they would be dangerously delicious. They are full of the following: Yellow cake mix, butter, peanut butter, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate. How… Continue reading Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars: Decadence Done Right

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Cinnamon Filled Gooey Breakfast Biscuits

I made a pretty healthy strata for Father’s Day brunch (more on that in another post) and a fruit salad, so I wanted to make sure we had at least one decadent, naughty thing to eat with our breakfast, so I made these delicious gooey biscuits, which were much like a cinnamon roll- without all… Continue reading Cinnamon Filled Gooey Breakfast Biscuits

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Healthy Pumpkin Bread (no oil)

Since it feels like it’s about 40° here in Seattle on June 14th, and it has been raining for DAYS on end, I think my body started to think it was November.  So, instead of pulling out my holiday decorations, I made some pumpkin bread. In an effort to be a little healthier, I cut… Continue reading Healthy Pumpkin Bread (no oil)