Perfect Eggs Benedict

We spent the week of the 4th of July with my in-laws at their vacation cabin, and I was in charge of breakfast for 8.  I wanted to make something I had never tried before, so I decided to attempt (for the first time) Eggs Benedict.  I was suprised by two things while researching and… Continue reading Perfect Eggs Benedict


Perfect Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are tricky.  They require one important skill: Patience.  And they are a necessity when you want to make Eggs Benedict, which I am making for 8 people next week. 🙂  So I practiced today. The perfect poached egg: Ingredients:Large pinch of salt1 large fresh egg1 drop of malt or white wine vinegar Technique:Half… Continue reading Perfect Poached Eggs

Appetizers and Dips

Easy Restaurant Style Salsa

Who loves Mexican food, but never gets to eat her meal because she always, always fills up on the free chips and salsa first?  This girl. This recipe comes together in 5 easy minutes, with very little chopping, and tastes EXACTLY like the stuff that you are served in your favorite Mexican restaurant.  I made… Continue reading Easy Restaurant Style Salsa