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Homemade Apple Pie

Apple Pie is my very favorite pie of all time.  This is saying a lot because I’m basically obsessed with pie.  Incidentally, apple pie is the only pie that I’m won’t ever eat the store bought version of.  Canned apple pie filling is just so gross.  I like my apples sliced nice and thin and baked… Continue reading Homemade Apple Pie

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Rose Apple Tart

I made this rose apple tart quite quickly when I realized I needed a dessert for New Years Eve and after a week of holiday laziness, had nothing ingredients-wise other than 4 apples and some vanilla ice cream.  Not quite enough to make a full deep-dish apple pie, but plenty for an open faced apple… Continue reading Rose Apple Tart

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Top Ten Recipes of 2017

What a year! This marks my SEVENTH year of blogging at Rumbly in my Tumbly and was a very exciting one for me, as I have started to turn my passion for baking into a small business, making cakes, pies, and other pastries for local folks.  The response has been amazing and I’ve been having… Continue reading Top Ten Recipes of 2017

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Cinnamon Butter Puff Pastry Tree

This is possibly the most inflammatory thing I’ve ever said, but I don’t like Nutella. There, I said it. So when I saw this gorgeous puff pastry tree floating around everywhere filled with – you guessed it- Nutella, I immediately started thinking about how I could make it myself, but with something else.   I… Continue reading Cinnamon Butter Puff Pastry Tree

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Kid Friendly Molasses Cookie “Gingerbread” Men

You look at these cookies and you call them gingerbread men, right? They’re so cute, but they’re also an aquired taste.  Will your kids eat gingerbread men? Mine won’t. “Too spicy” they say. I’ll be honest and tell you guys I don’t really care for ginger in baked goods either. I leave it out of… Continue reading Kid Friendly Molasses Cookie “Gingerbread” Men

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Apple Berry Pie

My favorite pie from my favorite pie shop is the Apple Berry Pie from the Snohomish Pie Company, which is a local small business pie shop that I absolutely love.  Actually, the only “store bought” pie that I buy is from this shop.  They have an apple berry pie with a crumb topping that is… Continue reading Apple Berry Pie


Nan’s Simple and Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing

Originally posted on Rumbly in my Tumbly:
There is a long held belief that the smell that makes everybody who walks into your house say “Smells like Thanksgiving in here!” comes from the turkey.  I am a firm believer that the smell actually comes from the stuffing.   If you ever cook a turkey without stuffing…