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Easy Homemade Blackberry Pie

Anybody who know me will attest- I am not what you would call outdoorsy.  In fact, I’m pretty much the opposite.  I don’t go camping where they don’t have toilets, hiking is my idea of hell, and I do not enjoy being sticky, dirty, and sweaty, I do not like bugs.  Hanging out on a… Continue reading Easy Homemade Blackberry Pie

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Blackberry Cream Cheese Bismark Muffins

Wednesday mornings, we have ballet.   There is a lot of rushing around to get out the door on time, me, frantic, sweating, begging/barking at my kids to get their shoes on, to eat their breakfast, to sit still while I brush their hair.  Inevitably, just as we are about to walk out the door,… Continue reading Blackberry Cream Cheese Bismark Muffins