Lions and… Lions and… Lions… Oh my! —

My kids LOVE fun pancakes. These were super easy to make, just one circular pancake, and I loved how much fruit was incorporated into them. If I’d had them, I would have used blueberries for the eyes, but I only had chocolate chips on hand. They had so much fun this morning, my daughter first […]… Continue reading Lions and… Lions and… Lions… Oh my! —


“Cadder-pidder” Pancakes —

Or, if you aren’t pronouncing them like my 4 year old, “Caterpillar Pancakes” My kids get so excited when I make their pancakes into shapes. We are at the point where when I make plain, circular pancakes, they are disappointed. I’ve tried the method where you use a cookie cutter and fill it with pancake […]… Continue reading “Cadder-pidder” Pancakes —

Breakfast · Easter

Easter Bunny Pancakes. Simple Pleasures.

Did you know that if you plant jelly beans in your yard, lollipops will grow in their place? It’s true, just ask my kids.  It only works the week of Easter, though. Easter is kind of a big deal around here.  Since we do a brunch over at my sister-in-law’s house on Easter morning, and… Continue reading Easter Bunny Pancakes. Simple Pleasures.