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I Made Cronuts, yo!

In case you aren’t familiar with cronuts, I will define: they are a mythical dessert item in which a croissant and a donut fall in love and have a baby: The Cronut. Turns out, and this is not shocking, that cronuts are a very dangerous thing to have in your home.  Not physically dangerous, of… Continue reading I Made Cronuts, yo!

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Chocolate Almond Braid and Blogging in January

Baking and blogging in January.  The struggle is real, folks. The struggle is real. First off, it starts to get dark here around 2pm.  I’m not a photographer and I don’t have any fancy equipment, so it is imperative that I have natural daylight to get good pictures.  In the summer, I can do this… Continue reading Chocolate Almond Braid and Blogging in January