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Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars

So, because my husband reads this blog, I’m not going to post how much money I’ve spent on Cranberry Bliss Bars in my lifetime, but it’s a lot.  Would you believe I had never attempted to make them before? Big mistake. Huge. Back in the day, what kept me from trying them was that all… Continue reading Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars

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Starbucks S’mores Bars

This weekend, I received the following email from reader Stephanie: I love your blog. I’ve made your copycat Starbucks Michigan Cherry Oat bars. Yummy! I didn’t find it on your blog– but, can you figure out the Starbucks S’Mores bars– my new guilty pleasure? Please? I love emails like this. Also, if you haven’t tried… Continue reading Starbucks S’mores Bars

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“Starbucks” Butterhorns

I have loved butterhorns for years, especially the ones from Starbucks.  Probably because of all that butter and cinnamon.  They are flaky, buttery, sweet, and pie-crusty.  What’s not to love about them? But I had never tried making them before today.  Shout out to my faux-cousin Lauren and also to Facebook’s “On this day” app… Continue reading “Starbucks” Butterhorns

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“Starbucks” Michigan Cherry Oat Bars

I’ve spoken of my Starbucks addiction before, most recently, I barred my Starbucks soul to you all in a confessional while I was describing my Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound Cake to you all.  The addiction continues. When I posted that recipe on my Facebook page, a friend of mine commented and said now she just… Continue reading “Starbucks” Michigan Cherry Oat Bars

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Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound Cake

I don’t like to admit this anyplace where my husband can read it, but I have a real, serious, (read: expensive) Starbucks addiction.  I go there on the daily.  To the point that when we pull up into the drive through, my kids start hollering requests from the back seat for “pink do-duts,” “banilla bean scones,”… Continue reading Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound Cake