S’mores Bars (Yummy!!)

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So, I’ve been trying to find a recipe for a cookie bar that will taste like a s’more for what seems like FOREVER. I’ve even tried to make brownies that taste like s’mores, but never quite perfected it. Well, I was sitting in a hotel room in Moses Lake watching Iron Chef this weekend when it hit me. Golden Grahams. If I made a Golden Graham rice krispie treat and added chocolate it would taste like a s’more. Guess what? IT DID! I could eat all of these (but I won’t, I’ll send them to work with Shane instead)

1 12oz box of Golden Grahams cereal
1 package of milk chocolate chips
1 stick of butter
16oz package of mini marshmallows
2 TBSP heavy cream (or milk, or half & half, whatever you have)

Pull the bag of Golden Grahams out of the box without opening the bag. Smash up the cereal. Don’t smash it up too fine, you want small pieces, but not dust. Pour into a large mixing bowl. Take half of the chocolate chips and grind them in the food processor to make them smaller. Add them to the cereal in the bowl. Add about 1/3 of the marshmallows to the cereal and chocolate chips. In a microwave safe bowl or double broiler, heat the butter and the remaining marshmallows, stirring constantly, until you have a nice marshmallow cream.

Pour marshmallow cream over top of the Golden Grahams, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Mix well. Chocolate will melt a bit, this is okay. Coat a 13×9 inch pan with cooking spray, and pour mixture into pan. Press mixture down with a spoon until it is flat (I use a spoon dipped in a little bit of melted butter)

Heat up the remaining chocolate chips and the cream. Stir into a nice glaze. Use a fork or a pastry bag to drizzle over the top of the bars. Put into the fridge and chill at least one hour before cutting into squares and serving.

Just like camping!


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