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Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it out.  I love cheesecake. I also love all things cinnamon.   My husband loves cheesecake.  I hope his co-workers love cheesecake, because that’s where this one is going!  This creamy cheesecake is filled with a graham cracker cinnamon streusel, and topped with the same.  It. Is. Amazing.

Recipe from Baking Junkie



1 3/4 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 stick butter (melted)
1/2 cup sugar

3 (8 oz) packages cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 large eggs


1 cup graham cracker crumbs
½ cup brown sugar
½ tsp cinnamon
½ cup (1 stick) butter, melted
2 Tbsp butter, melted
½ tsp vanilla
¾ cup powdered sugar
3 tsp milk


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. To make the crust, combine the graham cracker crumbs and sugar, then add melted butter, mixing with a fork. Press into bottom and slightly up sides of a 9 inch springform pan and bake in the oven for 8 minutes to set.

While the crust is in the oven, begin making the streusel. Using a fork mix together the graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, and cinnamon, then add melted butter and stir into a crumbly mixture.

In a medium sized bowl beat together cream cheese and sugar. Add vanilla. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each egg. Make sure you scrape the sides of the bowl with a spoon or spatula to fully incorporate all of the ingredients.

Pour half of the cheesecake mixture onto the crust, then top with half of the streusel. Pour remaining cheesecake batter on top and add another layer of the remaining streusel. Place springform pan on rimmed baking sheet and place in the middle rack of the oven. Bake 50-60 minutes. Allow to cool fully (usually a few hours in the refrigerator).
To make the topping mix together the melted butter, vanilla and powdered sugar. Add milk to thin. Drizzle over cheesecake before serving.

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