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Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Another gem that I discovered on Pinterest and added to my Christmas “baking” list for this year.  This delicious peanut butter truffle candy was so quick and easy to make, so beautiful, and so delicious.  Of course, how can you go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate? This tastes exactly… Continue reading Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

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Chocolate Truffles with Brandy and Kahlua

Brandy Kahlua Chocolate Truffles   I wanted to make something with some liquor in it for my husband’s co-workers, because lets face it, who doesn’t appreciate liquor?  So I played around with my cousin Tonya’s classic recipe for rum balls.  I didn’t actually use any rum in this recipe, instead I used some Brandy and some Kahlua… Continue reading Chocolate Truffles with Brandy and Kahlua

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White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Christmas Cookies

White chocolate cherry shortbread I found this recipe on Pinterest, and the description said “Seriously, the best Christmas cookie EVER.”  So, of course I had to try them.  Not only did they claim to be delicious, with the specks of bright red cherries and the contrast of the white chocolate, they were so festive and… Continue reading White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Christmas Cookies


My Favorite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t have much to say about this recipe, other than that it is hands down the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever found.  I’ve made it twice now, and both times the cookies turned out uniform and amazing– all because of one special and kind of weird ingredient: corn starch. The secret… Continue reading My Favorite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

I know that Christmas ornaments aren’t technically a food, and this is a food blog, but I have decided that since they are made out of flour, salt, and water, I can put them on here. 🙂 Tonight, I painted these with two toddlers.  My daughter, who is almost two, and my nephew, who recently turned two.… Continue reading Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments


Glazed Cinnamon Sugar Palmiers

Glazed Cinnamon Sugar Palmiers It takes only a few minutes of prep and a few ingredients to make these fancy French cookies.  This is one of those absolutely glorious recipes that looks difficult– people will rave.  They will think you slaved over it.  Little will they know that you simply unthawed some puff pastry, brushed… Continue reading Glazed Cinnamon Sugar Palmiers

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Cinnamon Brown Sugar Croissants

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Croissants I’m always looking for delicious and easy things to do with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  It’s always worth it, if you have the time, to make dough for things like cinnamon rolls and bread from scratch, in my opinion.  But some days, you just need something delicious and easy that you can… Continue reading Cinnamon Brown Sugar Croissants