Cakes and Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes

Click photos to enlarge I just wanted to play around with these this evening, so I used a white cake mix, some rainbow chip frosting (my hubby’s favorite) and here they are! Super cute, next time I will have to spend time decorating them to make them cute. This is simple to do by dividing… Continue reading Rainbow Cupcakes


Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies

Click photo to enlarge You may have heard this story… a woman asks to buy a cookie recipe and is told that it will cost “two-fifty.” She thinks this means $2.50, but then she gets her credit card bill and finds out it is $250.00. Outraged, she spreads the recipe far and wide to try… Continue reading Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dinners · Soups

Tortellini and Meatball Soup

Click photo to enlarge This is one of my favorite soup recipes.  I especially love it in the fall.  I have adapted it and made it my own over the years.  For instance, the original recipe calls for garbanzo beans, and I HATE garbanzo beans, so I leave them out, hers has 3 cans of beef… Continue reading Tortellini and Meatball Soup

candy · christmas

English Toffee

Click photo to enlarge Toffee is hard to perfect. If you undercook it by a tiny bit, it won’t harden correctly. If you overcook it, it will taste burnt and gross. When making toffee, the thing I watch most for is that light toffee color. A candy thermometer and some patience doesn’t hurt either. 🙂… Continue reading English Toffee

Biscuits / Muffins / Scones · Breads · Breakfast

Bagels with Cheddar and Garlic

Click photo to enlarge   I love bagels! They are a lot of work, especially with all the kneading, but they are so delicious. There is something about a warm bagel right out of the oven that can’t be beat. I like to add cheddar and garlic to mine, however, you can really mix anything… Continue reading Bagels with Cheddar and Garlic

Biscuits / Muffins / Scones · Breakfast

Blueberry Muffins topped with Streusel

Click photo to enlarge Made some blueberry muffins for my family’s camping trip to Lopez Island this weekend. I top them with a yummy streusel, this can be left off for you health nuts. (Although, I doubt there are any health nuts following THIS blog) 😉 Blueberry Muffins topped with Streusel INGREDIENTS: 2 cups all-purpose… Continue reading Blueberry Muffins topped with Streusel