Appetizers and Dips

Italian Cucumber Crostinis

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I had the ladies over for a craft night tonight, and I made three different appetizers for us to snack on.  One of them was this delicious recipe that I got from my friend Keri, who made this recipe for a party we both attended.  I love crostinis.  Crostini means “little toast” in Italian, and it makes a great appetizer.  The cream cheese mixed with the Italian seasoning packs a really good punch.  This recipe normally calls for a sprig of fresh dill, Fred Meyer was out of dill today, (go figure) so I used dried dill weed which was just as good, but not as pretty.  Here is the VERY simple recipe:

1 8oz block of cream cheese
1 Italian dressing seasoning packet
1 seedless English cucumber
1 french baguette
Dill for topping

Cut the baguette into slices about 1/2 an inch thick.  Mix the cream cheese and Italian seasoning and spread over each piece of bread.  Top with a thin slice of cucumber, and garnish with the dill.  Serve!


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