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Splash Mountain Cake

by Rumbly in my Tumbly


Splash Mountain Cake

Shannon (

12719985-B593-4C9B-8172-98A31CD20B99My buddy issued his tallest order ever for his birthday cake this year. We went to Disneyland in August and he has been obsessed with Splash Mtn. ever since.


I am not a cake decorator, but I think I pulled it off!

Here’s what I did:

I made a 5 layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream (for height) and then sculpted out a space for the waterfall.

I found an aquarium piece of faux driftwood at Petsmart, which I used as the topper.  Then I built frosting up around the edges and put some on the topper to bring it all together.

I used blue buttercream for the waterfall and green for the grass.

I made the little log and figures out of fondant.  I also mad the briar patch thorns out of fondant.

The Brer Rabbit, Bear, and Fox are a funkopop set I purchased on Amazon.

I printed out splash mtn. signage from a google search, laminated it, and cut it out.

This cake almost killed me, but my guy was happy!


5 thoughts on “Splash Mountain Cake

    1. This was very great! I almost forgot about the green beans, but the flavour of the almonds and herbs with the beans and tomatoes made it almost irrelevant. Next time, I think I’ll add a little extra olive oil to make the pesto a little more liquid so it sticks to the vegetables instead of clumping and falling off.

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