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Chicken ‘n Dumplings

Confession: Before tonight, I had never eaten or made Chicken ‘n Dumplings.  Not only that, but I wasn’t even sure EXACTLY what it was.  I’m from Seattle.  We don’t see many chicken ‘n dumplings in these parts.  I guess it’s more of a Southern or Midwestern dish. I have pinned a recipe here and there… Continue reading Chicken ‘n Dumplings

Dinners · Fall (Halloween & Thanksgiving) · Soups

Hearty Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Hearty slow cooker beef stew My friends all (well not all, but most) hate me for this but FALL IS COMING! YAY! My favorite time of year! I can’t wait for boots and apple cider, and pumpkins, and the smell of pine, and warm, comforting dinners like beef stew. Today I tried a new recipe… Continue reading Hearty Slow Cooker Beef Stew

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Wendy’s Style Chili

Wendy’s Style Chili I love the chili and Wendy’s.  It’s one of the lower-calorie filling items on their menu, and on lazy days when I take my kids to the park and let them have fast food for lunch, I will pick up a bowl of the chili for myself.  So, when I saw this… Continue reading Wendy’s Style Chili

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Cream of Broccoli Soup

As a general rule, unless it’s Chicken Noodle, if my husband arrives home to find soup for dinner, there is some grumbling.  Unfortunately for him, I love a hot bowl of soup with a crusty piece of French bread any day of the week, and I’m the chef. Broccoli was on sale today, and so… Continue reading Cream of Broccoli Soup

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Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (in the slow cooker)

 I love, love, love creamy homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.  It is one of my favorite comfort foods.  I saw a recipe for a hearty slow cooker tomato soup on Today’s Mama and immediately wanted to try it. I did modify it a bit to make it a little healthier.  The Today’s Mama link… Continue reading Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (in the slow cooker)

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Chicken & Cabbage Noodle Soup

Hi All! I suck.  Sorry it’s been so long since the last blog post.  I am still dealing with wisdom tooth misery (dry socket), my WHOLE family has terrible colds, and on top of that, potty training a 26 month old, so please be patient with me. 🙂 Even though it was 75° here in Seattle, I… Continue reading Chicken & Cabbage Noodle Soup

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"Skinny" Pasta Fagioli

I have long been on a quest to find a heathy version of my favorite soup from The Olive Garden- Pasta Fagioli.  I finally found it.  This really does taste just like the stuff at The Olive Garden.  Actually, I think it’s better. The great thing about this soup is you can make it on a… Continue reading "Skinny" Pasta Fagioli