Godfather’s Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza

Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza
It is no secret to anybody who knows me how much I love Godfather’s Pizza’s dessert pizza. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember begging my husband to drive an hour and a half south of our house to pick one up for me in 1 of the few remaining Godfather’s Pizza’s left in the state of Washington.  When all of their restaurants within an hour of my house went out of business, I fell into the depths of despair and was quite certain that I would never taste it again.
Today, I solved my problem.  I made it.  It was identical to Godfather’s Pizza.  It was easy.  It took 10 minutes to prepare.   Oh, and it was BOMB.


Pizza dough (You can make your own, I just bought some refrigerated dough at the grocery store)

1 TBSP butter, melted
1/2 cup plus 1/3 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 TBSP vegetable shortening
2 TBSP melted butter


1 cup powdered sugar
1 TBSP milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Mix together streusel ingredients with a fork, or your clean hands, then side aside.
To make pizza, pat dough into a 12 inch pizza pan that has been sprayed with oil.  Perforate pizza dough with a fork (this keeps bubbles from forming), then brush with 1 TBSP melted butter. Sprinkle cinnamon all around buttered crust. Top pizza crust with streusel mix.
Bake at 460 F for 8 to 9 minutes depending on the thickness of the pizza.  Mix icing ingredients until it is of a drizzle consistency. If it is too thick, then thin with a small amount of milk until you have reached your desired thinness.

When finished baking, top with icing in a circular pinwheel pattern. Cut up and enjoy!



96 thoughts on “Godfather’s Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza

  1. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! I didn't think I'd be able to find a recipe for this! The same thing has happened in Wisconsin too. The closest one to my home is over 2 hours away, but I just crave the taste of this delicious pizza! Thank you so much!

  2. This turned out soooo well!! I added my own twist to it by spreading some pumpkin pie filling on the crust and then topping it with streusel topping ….soooo yummy. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Jackie: Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it and I will add a note to the recipe. Olive oil does have a subtle taste. I use plain 100% olive oil when I use it in a baked item, not extra virgin, which tends to have a more "olivey" flavor. I'm sorry you didn't like it. I've made this dozens of times and have never had anybody comment on that standing out, it may be the brand/type you used, or if you try it again, you could try a less flavorful oil, like vegetable or canola.

    1. I don’t see olive oil mentioned as an ingredient. Did you change your recipe to show veg. shortening instead?. Does it still taste the same? Also – is the veg. shortening solid or liquid? This looks very good – I would probably add chopped pecans with the streusel. Thank you

  4. You could give it a try. Butter might result in a streusel that is a little more flat, but it should taste pretty close to the same. Let me know how it turns out!

  5. I had to google that, because we don't have a Double Dave's here in Seattle. Having never tasted it, I can only guess on it, and it looks like pizza crust, topped with chocolate chip cookie dough (sans the chocolate chips) and then topped with chocolate chips. My best advice is to buy those ingredients and start playing around with them. Good luck!

  6. I am very excited to have this recipe. The nearest gf is 4 hours. Why? I too fell in the depths of despair to learn I may never taste my beloved bread and butter of pizzas again!

  7. i have made pizza crust out of a can of biscuits and it was deliciuos i also made noodles from flour, salt, and water and boiled it for a minute or two ; it was better than boxed noodles. i also made some chips from water, salt, and flour then i fryed it n veggie oil and that was delic.

  8. I'm not sure if you're reading this from a phone or what, but no, the way I have the recipe written says "1 TBSP butter, melted" and then, on another line, the cinnamon, which is just a sprinkling. When you read on into the instructions, it tells tou to brush the melted butter over the crust and sprinkle it with cinnamon before you add the streusel onto the crust. You definitely don't melt any cinnamon. 🙂 Hope that helps, thanks for visiting.

  9. I doubled the icing and the pie is in the oven… You are A SAINT! I miss Godfather's so much. So glad I found this on pinterest, even almost a year after you wrote it 🙂

  10. Can someone please tell me what the 1st ingredient is for the streusel? It says 1/2 cup plus 1/3 cups all purpose flour… 1/2 cup what? I'm confused… please post and let me know. Thanks

  11. Mimi, it's flour. 1/2 cup flour plus 1/3 cup flour. It's the only way to accurately measure it. Thanks for visiting and enjoy! –Shannon

  12. Someone said this would be awesome with cherry filling as well which is what I'm looking for….how would you supposed I do that? Do the crust, then pie filling, with the stresuel on top? Thanks. I'm not a baker but its been requested in my house so….here I am! =)

  13. Nicole– I have not personally tried the cherry pie filling version, but if I were to try it, I would do just that. Spread it with the cherry pie filling, and then top with the streusel.Although to be honest, I'm not sure how the mixture of the streusel and the cherries would taste. Apple pie filling combined makes more sense (flavor-wise) to me, but that's just a personal palate preference.If I were going to do a cherry dessert pizza, I'd probably top it with a cream cheese filling and cherries. Something like this recipe: me know what you did and how it turned out!

  14. HAHAHAHA. .. that cracks me up that someone thought you said to melt the cinnamon. hahahahand that SO many questions could just be answered if you read the WHOLE instructions. . . lol. .

    1. What a shame that you insult people you don’t know. Maybe this person is elderly. Maybe this person is a brand new cook that is just learning. Encouragement and helpfulness are much better qualities than ridicule and shaming.

  15. I used to work at Godfathers Pizza and would make this all the time, you nailed it! It was my favorite. To make it cherry all you add is some cherry pie filling. I can't wait to make this again!!

  16. Eh, maybe- I wouldn't really recommend. It only takes a few minutes to throw together, so I would personally make it fresh. Thanks for visiting!

  17. Jenna- sounds WAY too sweet for me (and I like things sweet!) The streudel combined with the glaze is very sweet, you sort of need the buttery saltiness of the pizza dough. If you try it, let me know how you like it. Thanks for visiting!

  18. I just made this delicious looking pizza, however, I followed the directions exactly and the topping is so dry it's powdery. We had to be careful not to inhale while eating it. Any idea where we went wrong?

  19. Kristy- Nope, have never had that issue. If it was like dust, I would have added a bit more shortening to make it like a streusel, but with the recipe as written, I have never had that happen.

  20. We loved the pizza crust as a dessert, scrumptious! I thought it was dry when I put it on the crust but, waited for the magic that didn't happen. The flavors were great and I'm not giving up on it, will try again this weekend.

  21. Glad you're going to give it another try. The streusel will bake exactly as you place it on the pizza, so if it's dry in the bowl, add some more fat! 🙂 Hope you get a better result this time, I'd hate for you to miss out on this, it is one of my very favorite things. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  22. Fat is where it's at! Added a T at a time until it looked right. Thanks for letting me know that it bakes as it looks, I thought the shortening might melt and save the day, that's what I get for thinking. This time it turned out yummylicious! NOW it's a keeper.

  23. I am so excited about this. I'm from Nevada and they had a Godfather's there when I was a kid but it went out of business about 10 years ago. I was so sad because I LOVED their dessert pizza. I actually think about it from time to time just reminiscing about the taste. I'm pathetic, what can I say. I am making this tonight and I am so excited to try it. Thanks.

  24. I too remember the good ole Godfather's dessert pizza and I've yet to try another pizza chain's who good match it. Thanks for the recipe…hey could you recreate Godfather's Taco Pizza too? It was just as awesome too, remember?

  25. This is a great way to enjoy dessert I must say. I have long been tired of the usual fruits and some tarts I buy at the grocery store. Today, though, my eating habits will change. Thanks to your version of Godfather’s Pizza dessert. I will make this recipe tomorrow and see how enjoyable eating dessert can be for me.

  26. I made this tonight for dessert along with the help of my husband (who was in charge of the streusell but he used an electric mixer so it turned into a dust but flavor was still delicious) and my 3 year old ran around our kitchen for a good 5 minutes screaming "this is soooo mummy" thanks from all of us also in Washington it is one of our favorites now 🙂

  27. I remember this pizza when I was a kid. I used to go to the GF's on Broadway with my mom and i'd just pig out and play the video games there. I will definitely try this out. this is a piece off my childhood right her! thanks so much for having the same love we have fo this pizza.

  28. Bayle- I do not think cookie dough would be good. I think it would be way too sweet. If you try it, let me know how it turns out! Thanks for the comment and for visiting!

  29. Worked amazingly! Everyone in my house loved it. Instead of veg shortening i used 2 tablespoons of butter and left out the added 1/3 cup of flour for the struesel. It turned out sooo yummy!

  30. I worked at Godfathers from the time I was 16 until about 24 ( as a second job then) but this really does taste a lot like it! We used the same concept buttered pizza dough and topped w strudel topping that we mixed cinnamon in from TPC. We also just used apple or cherry pie filling for fruit ones but did not use frosting on these we did a dusting of powdered sugar on fruit ones. I loved the way this turned out it was very good and my kiddos loved it! 🙂 thank you

  31. J Richardson- So glad to hear from a former Goddfather's Employee that this tastes authentic! 🙂 Thanks for the comment and for visiting!

  32. Great flavor, but this was way too sweet for me! I alternated bites of this with my dinner pizza and that worked well :)Okay, so I only realized after I started mixing what you meant by vegetable shortening. Crisco just isn't something I keep around. I used canola oil instead. And also used canola in place of the olive oil, since I already had it out and open. So that could be part of my problem. Maybe that made it kind of thin? I ended up with a pretty thick layer of chunky sand atop the pizza. I think I would've halved everything for the crumbly topping. So the addition of the frosting was just too much! Maybe I'd halve that as well?I don't have a pizza pan, so used a 9×13 cookie sheet–I multiplied it out, and the pizza has just about the same area as for a 12" circle. I was SO in the mood for chocolate, but your recipe looked fantastic. I put chocolate chips in the same layer as the cinnamon for a third of the pizza. The chocolate and cinnamon were great together, but I know that added even more sugar.This is definitely something I'd try again! But maybe add more cinnamon to balance it out, and use 1/2 to 3/4 of the topping (and make it correctly with Crisco). Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  33. I just googled "cinnamon pizza" and stumbled on your recipe – and made this immediately! My husband LOVES all the different dessert pizzas, but the cinnamon streusel one is one of his favorites, so I decided to make your recipe since it was so simple! Thank you so much for posting this – it turned out GREAT! I used a Great Value dry pizza packet – baked the dough first for 5 minutes with it brushed with cinnamon sugar butter (you can find it with the butters in the grocery store) and then I added a lot of cinnamon to the streusel topping. I also added 2 tbsp of butter (softened) instead of the 2 tbsp of olive oil, since I'm used to streusel toppings having some cut up softened butter in it to help make it more crumbly! It was amazing! I also did only canola oil, no olive oil, so if anyone has issues with an olive oil taste – just do all canola – or swap one for 2 tbsp cut up butter in the mix, you should be fine! The streusel made a TON – so I ended up just saving all the extra and putting it in the fridge so I can make another!!! Thank you so much for this recipe!!!

  34. I’ve never heard of Godfather’s pizza but there’s a pizzeria in Gurdon, Arkansas called Pizza Barn that is, hands down, the best pizza I’ve ever had. They carry a dessert pizza very similar to this one and an apple pizza that’s equally delicious.
    Thanks for the recipe. I’ve been missing good pizza. Now if you could visit Arkansas, go to the pizza barn and get me the recipe for ANY of their pizzas I’d be your best friend!!! 🙂

  35. Holy moly this stuff is DELICIOUS! I tried to make up my own dessert pizza recipe and utterly failed. This is perfect, and exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you for the recipe!

  36. You’re my hero! I also live in Washington, Everett to be specific, so I understand you’re pain. I haven’t had the joy of Godfather’s dessert pizza in 7 years and I thought I never would again, but I’m gonna make this tonight!

    1. I hope you enjoyed it Jon! If you are ever not in the mood for baking, try the dessert pizza at Round Table Pizza. There’s on in Everett and one in Lynnwood, and it is VERY close to Godfather’s version. Thanks for visiting!

      1. The problem is that round table charges full pizza price where as Godfather’s charges a fraction of the price. We live on the eastern side of the state and hunt down Godfather’s when ever we travel. I am excited to make this at home!

  37. I just called Godfathers & they don’t make the dessert banana pizza anymore. How could I use this recipe to make it taste like authentic banana streusel pizza? Thx for the help

  38. After making homemade pizza we had a crust leftover so i made this. I used butter instead of olive oil and doubled the icing. It is DELICIOUS. Probably the best desert I’ve ever made. Out of my hubby and 3 kids, there is only 2 of us who like cinnamon so i barely have to share! Totally making this again!

  39. This was absolutely amazing!
    I only used 1/3 c worked out great! Added mini semi sweet chocolate chips….it was sooo sweet, but my kids loved it!
    I didn’t use shortening..I just used butter…yummy!
    Thank you for posting this, will make again!

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