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Halloween Recipes That Your Whole Family Will Love!

Halloween Recipes that your whole family will loveHappy October, all! Here is my Halloween recipe round up!

Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Bars

These Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Bars are not only delicious, but also so festive and fun!

Peanut Butter Peek-a-boo Cookies

Peanut Butter Peek-a-Boo cookies are the perfect way to use up your fun sized candy bars, and they are SO GOOD.

The best way to clean and roast pumpkin seeds

Carving a pumpkin? Don’t waste those seeds! Check out my post on The Best Way to Clean and Roast Pumpkin Seeds for salty, crunchy, perfect every time seeds!

Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes

Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes, anyone? So easy when you make them like I do with refrigerated biscuit dough, and all those fall spices mixed with sugar and cinnamon.

Perfect Every TIme Cut out Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

These Cinnamon Sugar Cookies retain their shape perfectly while baking! Cut them out into ghosts, pumpkins, cats, whatever you like!

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

These buttery almond flavored Candy Corn Sugar Cookies are seriously addictive and seriously adorable!

Black Bean and Steak Chili

My Black Bean and Steak Chili is the perfect thing to warm up with before or after you head out into the night Trick-or-Treating! A family tradition for us, with cornbread.


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